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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

i am sure you will not do that again.

I am sure you won't do that again.

My first boss after High school. She was a nice lady and she took an interest in teaching me my new job. I screwed up once and she scolded me in the back office and told me to be careful as she did not really want to have to take stronger steps. I thanked her and told her I would never do that again. A few days later she came out of the office, and she told me to come see her during my break at 3 o'clock. Right on time i knocked on her door and she told me to come in and close the door behind me. She stood up and told me that I had messed up again in the report on my last sale. you will agree for me to discipline you or you will walk out of here and never come back. I told her I would accept her discipline. At that she stood, walked to a chair off to the side of her desk.picked up a hair brush, i had noticed in her office the last time I was in to be scolded. She set herself down and adjusted her skirt. she looked at me, Drop your pants and underpants to your ankle and come get over my lap. Any more screw ups and you will be back here again. Now get over, You will learn or you will get spanked, Wow, did she spank hard. I actually cried like a 10 year old. She told me to take a clean up face sheet and wipe away the tears., pull your pants back up and get back to work.. Any more screw ups you will be right back over my knee for another spanking. As I was leaving , I thought to myself about how great a boss she is going to be because she is everything I had heard about her as a spanker..