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Monday, September 16, 2013

Soaped and Spanked by Granmom

oaped and Spanked by Granmom Granmom spoke to my mom and Jennifer. "Are you ladies comfortable? This will take a little while as Tommy has told a very big lie and he always uses bad language, especially when he is being disciplined. I bought this soap from the hotel I was staying at in Paris when I found out that Tommy was up to his old ways and tricks. As I was leaving he told me everything was good at school and that I would not have to worry. Tommy will not like this soap at all. It is a very strong perfume soap that is very soft and is sticky when wet. I have let this soak in a glass of water for more than an hour and it is ready to use to wash the lies out of his mouth. “All right, Tommy, come over here and stand by me,” Granmom said as she tied on an apron., “you knew full well that your marks had dropped at the end of the last semester, yet you took advantage of the fact that I was going to go on a vacation and was hurrying to get my last items packed when you came in on the last day. While I was trying to close the last suitcase, I asked how things had gone and you smiled and told me that there was nothing to worry about, everything was fine and I should just go and enjoy my vacation as you were going to enjoy the summer break at home. You closed the last bag and took them to the front door just as my limo pulled up to take me to the airport. I remember I thanked you and you quickly carried my bags to the limo and told the driver to take good care of me as you helped him put my bags in the car, then you told me, not to worry, everything was under control and that you would lock up as you left for home for your summer break. You gave me a big hug and a kiss, then you waved and smiled as I headed to the airport. I thought, well, we both can use some time off and I started thinking about Paris as it had been a few years since I had visited.” “On arrival at Paris it was hot. I checked in, had my bags brought to my room and decided a nice bath would help me recover from the trip. As I filled the tub I found this bathing soap and opened it. The aroma was so beautiful, got in the tub and started to soak while enjoying the slow washing of the long airplane trip away. As I was washing my face some of the suds got into my mouth., How could something that smelled so good taste so terrible. I then decided to take the soap and some extra bars of it home with me for future use for cleaning out the lies and language that Tommy so often needed to have washed out of his system. I smiled and soaked for a while longer and then checked the time. It was about 8 pm at home so I thought I would call my friend, the dean of students to let her know I had arrived safely. As we chatted I found out that Tommy had lied and that he had failed his final exams, but was going to be allowed to retake the tests because he had been ill while taking the tests. (hung over from a party to celebrate the coming summer break Seems that a lot of the students had failed and begged for a retest. Yes the college had decided to allow it and the test would be the last week of the break, . As we were talking I was already repacking the bag I had opened and as soon as our conversation ended I called my daughter. I asked to speak to Tommy but she said he had gone out with his friends to a local sports bar. I let her know what had happened and told her that I was catching a red eye back home and I would be there in the morning. She was very upset with you and I told her to go get you and that she should administer a very hard spanking to you and that I would be there around noon tomorrow to figure out what needs to be done to get his school marks up and to figure a way to get and keep him on track to a good degree and future. Mom knew that Jennifer, (the girl you were dating when you went off to college), was a good student and dependable young lady and that she is a deans' list student at the local college in town and is majoring in the same field as Tommy. Your mom said, “ she can not afford to go to a quality school like you do”. Granmom quickly put two and two together and asked your mom to call Jennifer's mom and Jennifer to see if she would like to go to school with you and also tutor you and supervise your study habits. They said they would discuss it and they called your mom not long after Mom had talked to Jennifer’s mom and said that they would love that if it would not be too expensive. Mom told them Granmom would pay all cost, tuition, a small salary, and provide room and board for her. Grandmom made arrangements through the dean of students and the admission office and Jennifer will be a junior with all her credits transferred and both you and she have all the same classes schedule depending on your passing the make up tests the day before the next semester starts. The three of them will go to Granmoms house and settle in and Jennifer will tutor you to pass those tests. Jennifer will be a tough tutor and she has complete authority to discipline you if you slack off. (This has been a recap of what happened leading up to when Jennifer went and got Tommy for the start of today’s discipline session) I started to protest, but Granmom just told me to shush and to stand next to her as she started the discipline of the day. We will talk more about the plans leading up to the next semester. Taking the soap from the glass she told me open up. We have a lot of lies to clean out of that naughty mouth. I was sweating, upset and afraid that I had lost control of my life and future, but I knew better than to not do what Granmom wants. I opened my mouth and she grabbed my lower Jaw and told me to stick my tongue out. I did and I looked a Jennifer and she was watching intently as Granmom took the soap and started lathering up my tongue. I closed my eyes. It was the worst taste I had ever tasted in my life. after lathering it up she asked me how it tasted. I tried to speak but my tongue just sputtered and saliva started dripping around my mouth. I said its horrible but all that came out was not able to be understood and I was drooling really bad on the Apron that Granmom had put on before washing my mouth out. Open she said again and she took the soap and scraped it on my teeth, uppers then lowers. the foam was starting to drip down my throat and I gagged. Gradmom put her face right up to mine and told me, "don't you dare throw up that soap. We will have to start all over". I gagged again but managed to hold it in. i was drooling all over myself and Granmom as well. She told me to open my mouth again and she stuck the bar of soap in my mouth, She told me to hold it with my teeth and she turned and washed her hands. I was facing Jennifer and Mom. I looked for sympathy from them. They were shaking their heads in disgust. Granmom took a paper towel and wiped her shirt and the apron.. She commented about the mess I was making and she asked if Jennifer would mind cleaning up the floor in front of me. She took some paper towels and knelt down in front of me wiping up the saliva and soap mixture As she was wiping she also had a real up close and personal view on my penis and other private areas. I of course reacted in what I felt was the worst way I could. I was growing in front of her eyes. She gave me a, what a naughty boy you are look, and then threw the paper towels in the waste basket and returned to her chair. They chatted while I was choking and gagging. Finally Granmom came back and removed the soap from my mouth and she picked up the face cloth. She soaked it real well and had me open my mouth again. She took the cloth and really washed the inside of my mouth out for about 2 minutes. then she told me to rinse in the sink. I rinsed for a few minutes and finally, looked at them. Jennifer handed me a towel and told me I was to go with her to get cleaned up as Granmom was going to have to change her clothes, as I had made such a mess of them. We went into the bathroom and Jennifer turned on the shower, she tested to be sure it was warm enough and then told me to sit in the tub. She took the shower and then washed all of the soap off of me. She giggled as I start to become aroused again. she told me to stand and she dried me off completely including my private part. She said it is too bad you are being punished, I could get real turned on giving you a bath, but today is different and you still have your real spanking coming. As we were heading back to the kitchen, Granmom was coming down the stairs. Well he does look nice and clean , and we will quickly see how clean his mouth is now. Granmom had changed into a sort black skirt and white blouse. She led the way back to the kitchen. Mom had put the hairbrush on a chair that she had moved front and center of the table. Jennifer and Mom seated themselves in front of Granmom and she told me to stand beside her as she picked up that awful brush and seated herself. She adjusted her skirt and lifted her arms and then looked at me. "All right", she said to me, "the lies have been washed out of you. Now tell us what you did to get in this mess". “I lied to Mom and You, I deceived you into thinking I had passed my courses last semester. I failed my final test miserably because instead of studying a bunch of us just partied real long and hard. We were so sick when we took the test we couldn't do anything. I want to thank you for getting us a second chance to pass the test before the next semester starts”, I confessed. Jennifer spoke up and said, "So you lied to us also when you said that school was going great. Now I wish I had had a good hairbrush to give your mom that night. I know we all would have loved to see you get spanked for lying to us all. Granmom said that she thought that we have the proper study aids in place know to assure you do well at school and she smile at Jennifer who smiled back and nodded. By the way Granmom said, Jennifer is going to be your nanny as well as your tutor. I warn you know that she has quite a reputation as a no nonsense disciplinarian and she gives a real hard spanking when needed. I looked at Jennifer sitting there and she nodded at me and mouthed "be good or else" to me and she looked to see my arousal start growing again. Granmom looked at me and said we are all very disappointed in you and we are starting you on a new discipline program, which we think will get you on your way to a degree and a chance for a real successful life. Over you go, now.
I climbed over her lap in the position I knew so well. Her right thigh on my thighs and her left thigh on my stomach. This let my arousal hang between her legs and was visible ot my mom and Jennifer. Granmom complimented the job that mom had done on my bottom last night as there was still some red and bruises very evident. With that she raise the brush high and brought it down hard on my left butt. I screamed and kicked my leg. “Yes he still seems very tender. Well this should teach him a lesson then,” she added. The brush started raising and falling and I was begging already that I had had enough, Another flurry and I screamed. A bunch of curse words came out of my mouth, Granmom, still holding me in place asked Jennifer to go get the towel that she had dried me off with. When she came back she asked her to put it on the floor under where my head was and spread it out. Jennifer did as requested and Granmom asked her to get the bar of soap that was still in the glass on the sink. She did as requested. "Now take the soap and put it in his mouth, Tommy bite down, You still have dirty words escaping so you will use the soap to keep them in where we can not hear them. Jennifer please move your chair closer so you can move the towel if it becomes necessary". Then when Jenifer said she was comfortable Granmom started with the brush again, I could no longer scream, I cried and gagged but stayed in position. Granmom stopped and had me stand up. I started to remove the soap from my mouth but Granmom said, " We are not finished with you yet tonight". She looked at me and said to Jennifer, "I didn't know that he had lied to you also. I think you should spank him as well. I left the backs of his thigh for you and about thirty hard ones over his entire bottom to end it up with. Are you Ok with that". “Yes Ma'am”, she said as she and Granmom changed places. "Over," Jennifer said. I wanted to scream. The soap wouldn't let me. Here I was being spanked by a girl I had dated before leaving for college and now she was going to be my tutor at school and also my nanny which meant that I would probably find myself in this position a lot over the next two years. Granmom was right. She was a very hard spanker. My thighs and bottom were glowing red hot when I finally was allowed up. My mom also commented on Jennifer’s skill to which she told Granmom, "I hope that you will let me use that hairbrush when I have to give a lesson". "Of course," Granmom said. Granmom asked Jenifer to clean me up again, I was allowed to gargle the soap out of mouth and then I meekly followed Jennifer to the bath room again. Again she showered me down and then marched me back to the kitchen to the corner where Jennifer had first seen me standing. I stood as close as I could but listening to them discussing my spanking that I had just received and the mirror was still there where I could see them sitting and enjoying tea they had made while Jennifer bathed me. It seemed today had been a week long, I could see the clock. it was barely 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I was hoping that the punishment will be over and I can do something else than dread another spanking. After a half hour in the corner I was allowed to join them at the table. They said I could have a seat unless I preferred to stand and they all enjoyed a laugh over that. I told them I prefered to stand at this time. Mom said she was going to out for take out and that Jennifer's mom would be coming for supper tonight to hash out more details, I immediately thought, I hope she isn't going to spank me also. Granmom said she was going to go up and change into something more comfortable. Mom said she would go pick up the food. She asked Jennifer if she would do the first aid by applying skin cream to my backside and thighs. “Sure”, she said and she went to the cabinet and came back with the cream. Jennifer sat again and pointed at her lap and told me "over". She adjusted me a little and then started applying the cream. It felt wonderful although I could actually feel the pressure of her hands as she rubbed it in. She said, “this is much better than spanking your naughty bottom but believe me I will spank you as often as you need it and also when I feel you need it as well. I guess you had better stay naked until you mom or Granmom tell us where your clothes are. Now stand up and face me. I always give my naughty boys a hug to show them that I still love them after giving them a good spanking. Now come here”. She looked down at me and added, “ I see you are still a naughty boy”. She stepped closer and hugged me and I could not believe it but I started crying like a baby. I felt forgiven even if only for a short while and it felt wonderful.. This is like part 4 or so in this ongoing saga. I will have to rename and number them at some point. I am however looking forward to where Tommy is cramming for the re test. I will bet he will find him self over Ms Jennifers knee and of cousrse Granmom as well.