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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Disciplining a Thieving Husband

                                            Disciplining a Thieving Husband

The business lunch you had organized for your boss and two assistant managers had gone very well.  the Waiter came over and asked if everything had  been satisfactory.  You told him that it was excellent and would he please bring you the check.  You took your handbag from your lap and opened it and right away you noticed that the inside pocket where you kept some business money was unzipped and open.  Looking a little puzzled you checked in the pocket any how and yes,  the money that you had put aside for this luncheon was missing.  As you started to panic you opened your wallet and saw that you did not have enough cash to pay the bill.  you were now so angry that you were starting to turn red and your boss asked , " Is everything all right Jennifer?"

        "No, the money I had set aside for this luncheon is missing from my pocket book and I did not bring enough cash in my wallet.  I also left my credit cards at home as I only bring them when I am going shopping.  Excuse Me please for a few minutes,  I need to call my husband".  Jennifer got up and hurried to the waiting area where she could call Tommy on her cell phone.  It rang five times and went to voice mail,  Tommy's obnoxious message only angered her more.  She called his best friend's wife to see if  her husband and Tommy were together.   Barbara said,   "yes, they had gone out a couple of hours ago and that she thought they had gone to the race track and her husband  had a real hot tip on a horse that could not lose".   This was not what Jennifer wanted to hear but things were adding up as to what had happened to her money.  Jennifer thanked Barbara for the news and told her that she would be taking the rest of the day off and when Bob and Tommy came back there, to tell them she wanted to see Tommy at home, right away".
        Jennifer was getting angrier as she walked back to the table.  the two assistant managers had gone back to work and her boss was just paying the bill and left a very nice tip for the service.  He took one look at Jennifer and said, Don't worry about the bill.  I paid it, but I am worried about you.  you look like your blood pressure is really high and you probably should take the afternoon off.
       Jennifer told him,  "My money was missing and my husband had gone to the track to bet on a horse that was a sure winner.  I really do need some time off, but I will be busy figuring out how to make sure that he will never do something like this again.  I am so angry I may even ask his mom what she thinks I should do.  I know she won't want me to throw him out because that last thing she wants is for him to move back in with her again."  She closed her eyes and shook her head in disbelief that he had done something like this.
         "Well, I am sure that you will handle it,  You are the best Manager in this division of the company.  I am sure you will figure out what is needed to correct the problem just like you always seem to do at work," with that said he patted her shoulder and said,  "just call, if you need another day or two, smiled and left to go back to work.  Jennifer left right after him and when she got back to her office she told her secretary that she would be off for the afternoon and would call in the morning if she was going to be off for another day or two.  she locked her desk and left as quickly as she could. 
        Jen had to be very careful driving home as she found that other drivers were really making her lose all patience on the ride home.  As soon as Jen got home, she looked to see if Tommy's car was in the garage.   No, it was not.  That meant that he was not home and she didn't have any idea when he would be home.  Well, it seemed like a good time to call his Mom.  I got myself a nice cold iced tea and sat at the kitchen table. I picked up my phone and called Tommy's Mom. 
        The phone rang twice and Joanne answered and asked,  "Tommy, are you ok.  Is everything alright?"  Joanne has caller id that identifies the telephone number and the name of the caller so, she knew it was from our phone.
        "Hi Joanne, it's Jennifer, I was calling to find out some information about what is going on today with Tommy and his friend Bob.  I am hoping that maybe you might know what is happening.
     "I am sorry Jen,  I am not sure what's going on but he wanted to borrow a hundred dollars from me late yesterday afternoon.  He said it was for a business deal where he would make at least 100 times the money invested.  He said it was a sure thing," Joanne added.   I told him, no, and when he started to argue, I gave him my best you better not argue with me look.  He just turned and said "Well,  that's too bad because this is a sure winner," and he turned and left.  "I have worried that he is going to do something stupid, so I have been staying near the telephone in case he called me."
       "Well you are right there", Jen explained, "he stole fifty dollars out of my handbag this morning.  I discovered it when I went to pick up the bill at a business lunch with my boss and two asst managers.  I discovered the money was gone and my boss had to pick up the check.  That is why I am home now.  Maybe I need to get you  to show me how to give him that look you gave him last night".
       "If he stole fifty dollars from you I may need to show you all of the looks and also how Tommy was raised the whole time he lived here", Joanne said.  "Do you remember the little surprise gift I gave you at your wedding that made Tommy blush so.  He explained that it was an antique ebony hairbrush and that there is no better brush for brushing your hair?"  Jen smiled remembering how cute he looked all red faced in his fancy tuxedo.  Well, the wonderful thing about those hairbrushes is they have two very useful sides.  One is for brushing your hair and the other is to correct the behavior of naughty boys of all ages.  It really works very well."
       "Spanking,  are you serious?  He is a grown man,  I do admit that sometimes he tends to act like a naughty boy", Jen almost laughed, "and I do admit there have been many times I wanted to smack him".
         He was spanked all through the years he lived at home.  the only time we stopped spanking him was when he was about 14 when he appealed by saying he was too old",   Joanne remembered, "but within two months he had been suspended from school and we had to bail him out on a juvenile arrest from the school problem.  We went back to spanking and he never complained again.  I truly think he needs to know he will get that hairbrush if he doesn't toe the line.  You will be able to tell if he has done something he knows he should not have as he will not look at you when you talk to him.  I usually tell him that we need to talk about your behavior.  I go and get the hairbrush and he usually confesses within minutes of seeing it.  He knows he is going to get spanked and he even admits that he feels better when the spanking is over and he is forgiven for the transgression.  Sometimes though you need to schedule another spanking if the problem is serious enough.  He will co-operate or if he doesn't tell him that I will come and participate".
        "Thank you for the information Joanne," Jen said.  I remember my little brother got his hands strapped by mom before she took him over her knee for a long spanking for stealing candy bars at a local store.  I think I have a  short thick strap that might be perfect for hand strapping.  I will get it and the hairbrush and have a chair set up to greet him when he comes in , and I will remember to tell him that we need to chat about his behavior today..  I will see if that will get the true story of his adventure today.  I will also tell him that we have chatted about his behavior as well.   I will let you know later how everything worked out.  thanks again.  Good by for now".
        Jen immediately took a kitchen chair and set it in the middle of the living room where Tommy would see it as soon as he came in.  She also went to the bedroom and got the hairbrush and found the 20 inch thick belt that she thought would be good for strapping hands.  She took them down and put them on the chair where Tommy would also see them when he came in.  She went and got herself another glass of iced tea and then turned on the TV and made herself comfortable to await Tommy's return home.  Shortly after, the phone rang and she answered it.
       "Hi Jen", Barbara said.  They arrived back here about 10 minutes ago.  Bob is in so much trouble and when I told Tom that you are at home waiting for him, he got very nervous.  He should be there in about 10 minutes.  Do you want to know what they did".
        "Thank you for the call, Barbara.  I will wait to find out what they did when Tommy gets home.  I have some surprises awaiting him, so I will let you go as I am getting ready to greet him.  Good luck with Bob", she ended the call and looked over the scene that she had set up.  It all looked to be ready.  Jen turned the TV off  so that she would hear his car come onto the driveway.  She didn't have to wait long.  The car stopped near the house and she listened for Tommy to get out to come in.  She moved so she was between the doorway and the chair.  When he still had not come in she opened the door and saw him sitting in the car with it shut off. 
 Jen had an inspired idea and she hurried out of the house looking extremely worried as she almost ran to the car.          
        Tommy cringed down in his seat for a second and then saw how worried she looked.  He had not expected this.  He sat up and
opened the door.  "Jen,  what is wrong.  You look like you are afraid of something", he said while giving her his I will protect you look that he practiced in the mirror every night before going to bed.
        " We were robbed", Jen continued with her eyes wide open almost shaking with fear.  Sometime last night,  I didn't realize it until we were at the luncheon and I opened my pocket book and the money I had hidden in the secret pocket to pay for the meal was gone.  I was going to call the police and fill out a report, but,"
          Tommy interrupted , "you didn't did you?"  And he suddenly looked very nervous again.
            "Well I have not yet but I am still thinking about it.  I don't think I was ever as mad as I was this afternoon when I didn't have the money to pay for my luncheon.  Then I started to get frightened, imagine a thief sneaking around in our house while we were asleep up stairs.  I don't know how he got into the house though as our alarm was still set when I went to work this morning.  Maybe I had better call the police anyways so they will have a report and maybe even investigate and find out how the thief got in."
        Tommy's worried look was back on his face as he told me,  "why don't we hold on until I can check out the window alarm circuits and all of the door circuits.  We may have a faulty one that would have let some one sneak in without setting off the alarm and it will save the police some investigating.  It will only take about a half an hour from the control panel. 
         I don't think you want me to report this at all, Jennifer said in an almost accusing tone.  Did you take the money from my pocket book", she asked Tommy directly.  He looked at the ground and told her, "no".  Then he tried to speak again but his voice just croaked like a frog.  He shifted feet and said very quietly,  "I only borrowed it.  I was going to pay it back tonight,  I really was, but the deal fell through. 
          "And what kind of a deal was this that you were working on.  Something with a good purpose I would suppose".  Jennifer asked, purposely,  helping him to dig the hole he was burying him self in deeper and deeper.  "Yes," Tommy said.  "We were trying to help animals.  A horse to be exact." 
           Jennifer smiled at him and said , "Ah, I see,  I guess that explains the racing form I found on the kitchen table.  I called your mom to see if she knew where you were.  She said you tried to borrow money from her for a business deal.  This would not be related to this same horse race that you lost the money you stole from me on?"
             "Borrowed,"  Tommy said,  "I only borrowed it.  If Mom had loaned me the money it would have never happened".
             "So now you are saying that all of this is your Mom's fault", Jennifer accused him showing no mercy,  "I will have to call her and tell her that I will expect her to come over here this evening so I can spank her also as being the ring leader as you are saying it is all her fault".
             Tommy had become sheet white and I thought he was going to faint.  "Oh, shit,  why did you call my Mom", he moaned.
             "I called her because I wondered where you were and what you were doing.  I had already figured out that you had stolen the money,  then putting all the clues together, I figured you had a tip about a rigged horse race.  It wasn't rigged and you probably lost all the money on one bet along with a lot of other suckers who had made the same bet"  Tommy interjected at a whisper, "borrowed".  Which got me in to explaining that to borrow meant the person loaning the money had agreed to loan the money.  "I hadn't agreed, there fore you stole the money.  That is the end of it.  You are a thief and in my family a thief gets' his hands strapped.  By the way, your Mom assured me that that ebony hairbrush she gave me was not a gag present.  It was given with the hopes that I will keep you on the straight and narrow by using it whenever I see fit.  She also told me that if you protest in any way she will be very glad to drive over and assist if needed.  Enough said".   I grabbed him by the ear lobe and marched him to the front door and  I stopped as soon as we were through the doorway, I stood him up straight and he spotted the chair with the hairbrush and the strap on it.  I let go of his ear.
        "Jen, please don't spank me,  please tell me you are only kidding", Tommy cried. 
        "I am not kidding and before long your hands and back side are going to as red as the reddest rose you have ever seen., Jen said.                                                                                                                       All Tommy said was "Oh, shit.  I guess I am in for it now."   
               Jen told him to pull his pants and underwear down to his ankles and stand 3 feet in front of the chair.  He complied.  Jen walked over to the chair and picked up the strap she was going to use.  She came and stood in front of the chair and in front of him.
She could not help but notice how aroused he had become.  Jen smiled a small but  knowing smile as she remembered her mom looking at her as she noticed her brother growing in front of her while awaiting to go over her mom's knee.  Her Mom had told her to ignore it as it would soon pass.  "Hold your hands out in front of you palms up and keep them there until I am finished", Jen he instructed him.  He only said, "Yes Ma'am"  Jen raised the strap and swung it down as hard as she could. It hit center of the palm of his left hand.   "Yeow", he yelled as he dropped his hands.
             Jen told him,  "that stroke did not count,  you will receive twenty-five strokes to each palm, that is one stroke for each dollar you stole.  Unfortunately, the first stroke will not count so I will start over.  To help you keep your hands out in position I want you to rest your elbows against your stomach and keep your hands out until the strapping is complete.  By the way, if you cuss again I will place a bar of ivory soap in your mouth while I am strapping you, so do not cuss.  Do you understand?"
       Tommy groaned and nodded his head and said, Yes Ma'am".
      " Good",  Jen said.  Do not move your hands as any strokes you do move on , do not count".   She raised the strap and started over again, left palm, then right.  very hard and the speed picking up.  at ten strokes she stopped and let him open and close his fists a few time.  She noticed his arousal had left, and then told him, "Position",  he opened his palms and she started again faster than before . At thirty she had him hold his hands open while she inspected them.  They were very red and giving off heat she could feel.  She looked at his face.  It was as red as his palms and tears were flowing down his cheeks.   "Alright position again".  Tommy held his hands out, again the strap fell hard and fast until she said, "that is fifty".  He was shedding very large tears and his nose was running.  "Hold out your hands for inspection".  She looked and felt them.  They were very hot but the skin was not broken and he could still flex the fingers.  She remembered her mom having her check her brothers hands after he had stole some candy.  The hands looked the same now as she remembered them. and she congratulated herself on a job well done.  She again took him by the ear a few paces to a flat wall and she told him, "stare at the wall until I call you out for the next portion of his punishment".  She went to the kitchen and got some iced tea and returned to the living room where she could keep an eye on him while waiting for an appropriate amount of corner time to pass before calling him out for the hairbrush spanking he so richly deserves.
       About twenty minutes had past since she had him standing looking at the wall.  Jen told him to remove his pants and underwear, shoes and socks and neatly place them on the arm of the sofa and to stand in front of the chair thinking about the spanking that she is about to give him.  As he was removing his clothes she quickly walked to the bathroom and got a tall glass of water which she placed a new bar of ivory soap into.  she carried it back into the living room as Tommy was just placing his folded clothes on the sofa and his shoes under it.  He looked and saw what she had. 
       Tommy started to say, "Oh, Sh', but the look Jen gave him stopped him before he finished saying it.  Jen was proud of herself and told her self that that was a look that she needed to remember.
        "That is better, she said, she you can control your cussing.  Just in case though I will leave this on the table by the sofa in case you start cussing while I am giving you your spanking.  I wouldn't if I was you, as getting a spanking is bad enough.  Having a bar of slippery, terrible tasting soap in your mouth at the same time will just make the that much worse for you," Jen warned him.
       Jen followed him back to the chair.  He stopped and turned to face the chair as she walked between him and the chair, she picked up the hairbrush and inspected it while he watched.  your mom Described how well these black ebony hairbrushes are for spanking some on.  she patted her hand then gave a soft slap to her palm.  She crinkled her forehead and eye lids  and mouthed  "ow" toward him.  Then she slapped the side of her thigh that was still protected by her pantyhose, slip and skirt.   ”Ow.  Wow,  your Mom was right.  This is a great spanking brush to give a naughty boy some real discipline with", she added as she set her self down on the chair and rubbed where the brush had struck while resting the brush on her lap.  Then she looked at Tommy again.  he was growing in front of her again.  She adjusted her seated position, smoothed down her skirt,  wiggled a little in each direction and raised and lowered each leg by moving her feet and decided that , Yes, she was comfortable for the task she was about to do.  Now she looked up into Tommy's face.
       Tommy looked quite frightened.  I asked him, "can you tell me why you are about to get spanked"?
        "I messed up big time", he said with tears starting.  "I bor
Jennifer immediately cut him off with, "STOLE,  You haven't learned even that much so far.  Get over my lap.  I am going to give you twenty spanks now and then you will stand again and you can start again from 'Messed up'.  over now.
        Tommy quickly laid over her lap and she moved around and  moved him until his bottom was right in front of her and as high as she could get it.  She patted his bottom with the brush, two times on each cheek and then she brought the brush up as high as she could reach it and then slammed it down on his right cheek, aarrrgg,ow,  he yelped.  again the brush stung him, this time on the left cheek,  "Oh God, Have mercy, amen".  "Good cover, said Jennifer, "I thought you were going to curse there,  I guess praying is all right though it isn't going to do you any good".  The next few spanks had pretty much the same results although Tommy tried to roll off  Jennifer's lap.  She pulled him back in position and told him , "If you move off of my lap and I have not told you to do it, the spanking will start all over again.  You will not interfere with the spanking in any way, no hands trying to block spanks. no kicking where you feet might interfere.  You may yell and cry all you want.  the neighbors would probably love to know that you are getting a spanking.  She quickly applied the last of the ten promised spanks.  His entire bottom from top to bottom was now covered with the marks of ten very well aimed spanks.
         "Stand, Jennifer said, "just a reminder, those spanks were not part of the spanking,  They were extra's for not having learned what we had already talked about since you got home.  So please tell me why you are getting spanked, and be careful. you now know the penalty for errors".
Tommy stood and faced her again.  She crossed her legs and rested the hairbrush and her hands on her lap.  Tommy continued, "I stole fifty dollars from your purse.  I had tried to borrow money from my mom but she was suspicious and would not lend it to me.  I thought that you would not miss it and I could replace it tonight after the race was over.  I had been told that the race was fixed and a hundred to one shot was going to win.  It seemed like sure and easy money.  After we lost we realized  that it had been a set up.  a lot of folks lost money on that horses, 1st place on the nose, bets.  Bob and I went back to Bob's house to have a few beers and drown our misery.  We had just opened the first beer when Barbara came in and told me that you were at home and that you were looking for me along with the message , 'send Tommy right home when you see him'  I new I was discovered but I did not realize how much embarrassment  I had caused you.  I am truly sorry for that.  oh and also, I am sorry that I lied to you about the purpose of the hairbrush my Mom  gave you at our wedding.  I guess that, that was like a lawyers lie.  You didn't ask for clarification on the story I told you, so I left it where I did.  I really did not want to tell you that my mom had been spanking me my entire life,  right up until we got married.  I was embarrassed when you opened up the present and saw it was a hairbrush, so I told you about the healthy hair side of what the brush was for.  I know I really screwed up and I am glad that you found out.  After a big screw up I always feel relieved when the punishment is over.  Usually that is right after the spanks stop falling and I am told I am forgiven.  However there are some other types of spankings that my mom has not told you about yet.  I think we should have mom over for dinner so she can explain all of the different punishments she uses along with scheduled spanking to check on how I am coming with a problem".  Tommy finally broke eye contact and soon was looking at my lap and the brush I was massaging with my hand.
       As soon as he was looking at my lap, things started growing again.  I watched for about a minute and then told him that I thought that today was a very educational experience for both of us.  I was very glad that he was very sorry for embarrassing me and it did seem that we were both learning a lot from today's experiences.  I was also very thankful for Tommy's mom for letting me know how Tommy was raised and I promised myself that I would call Joanne and ask her to come over on Sunday afternoon for dinner and family time.  How ever, right now I had to show Tommy how I would be able to punish him when ever I thought he needed it".  I looked at Tommy, "Over you go.  It is time for your real spanking".    
       Tommy went to my left side, I moved my hands and the hairbrush and smoothed my skirt again and Tommy laid over my lap with his bottom setting high right before me again.  I held his back down and I told him that the spanking would be only for a few minutes but there would be no stopping unless he did something to merit additional spanks by doing any of the things I had already told him would earn extras.  I patted his cheeks again twice on each side and raised the brush high.  It landed and He cried out again.  I followed the pattern I had used with the extras.  starting at the top left, then the top right, the next to the left cheek one hairbrush sized lower than the previous mark, and so on until 10 more smacks were complete and his bottom was covered with new hairbrush spank marks.  He was yelping, looking back at me, begging and praying off an on, as the spanking continued, after 12 patterns I changed and applied the brush to any spots that were still only pink or not spanked at all.  that led to even louder yelps. when the colors all matched I went back to the ten spank pattern i had been using.  Tommy had quit struggling.  He was just sobbing and making sounds that made no sense.   I decided it was time to finish this up.  I looked at the clock and I had been spanking steady for about 4 minutes.  I said,  Here comes the big finish and he still just lay there. the last 20 spanks were all to where his bottom and thighs meet.  that got some real good promises of better behavior and a whole new series of big sobs and tears.  I tucked the brush behind me and the chair.  I set my hands on his bottom.  It was extremely hot and the color of a very dark red rose.  There were some white blistered areas but nothing that looked like it would need more than skin cream to take the dryness away.  I let him lay on my lap for about five minutes when he finally stopped sobbing.  I asked him, " Are you truly sorry for the reasons I had to spank you?"
        Tommy started to move somewhat and he sobbed that yes he was truly sorry for behaving in such a way as to get this spanking."
         Jennifer had him get carefully off of her lap and then sit on her lap while she cuddled him.  Jen told him that she hoped that he will never repeat anything that caused her to spank him today. however she did warn him that if he did he would find himself right back over her knee again  with that she hugged him close and kissed him and told him that he was forgiven.
           Tommy started crying again and said,  "thank you so much for caring enough to correct me.  I truly need to have a strong lady to watch my behavior or I do stupid things.  Your forgiving me and correcting me shows how much you love me.  I love you so much".
        Very good Jennifer added  "Now let's get your nose in the corner again for fifteen minutes or so.  Then you will be back over my lap so I can apply some skin cream to that very hot, dry bottom you are showing right now.  No rubbing until I have applied the cream".  Jen helped him up off her lap and gave him a hand spank to hurry him on his way to the spot on the wall she had selected to be his reasoning why he is to be spanked or why he has just gotten spanked spot.
         After a few minutes while Tommy was still in his wall spot, Jennifer got up and moved the chair beside him with the hairbrush and strap on it and she took a picture with her I phone.  Just a memento of my first spanking I ever gave.  His mom will be proud of me I am sure.

this is a story and original art work by tommyspt.  I love making the drawings and then the stories just seem to flow from my brain..
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