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Sunday, February 26, 2012

that was a good hairbrush spanking!

I was off on a sight seeing trip after graduating college and taking the summer off before starting the great job hunt.  I had been invited by my Aunt Susan to come spend a few days with her in one of the big east coast cities so and she had some theater tickets and a great graduation dinner planned at a restaurant that i like when ever i visited her.  She picked me up at the train station and drove us to her apartment.  she said that this was going to be a nice week end like the times that she used to take care of me when my folks went away on vacations or business trips.. she had never married but always said that she was married to her job and didn't have time to take care of a man. She had taken some time off so we could have a full weekend together to celebrate my graduation.
        That night we had a nice supper, except for the brussel sprouts, but she served me a sma;l; portion on my plate and said eat up.  all good home prepared natural food will give you strength for the week end I have planned for us.  I told her that she must have forgotten that i really don;t like brussel sprouts.  Oh, she said,  i guess I forgot about that.  well eat them any ways as they are very good for you. as the end of the first course ended my sprouts were still on my plate.  she looked at them and then at me,  don;t tell me you are getting strong willed again like you used to as a kid when you were here.  i hope we don;t have to have a discussion about how being strong willed is good sometimes but not when having dinner after some one has gone out of there way to prepare such a nice well balanced meal.  then she smiled and motioned that I should eat them and she started to clear the table.  Yes I remembered those discussions.  they usually were carried out with me bare bottom up, across her knee, while she smacked my bottom with a wooden spoon that she never used for cooking because it was just too big to stir a pot with.  I was sure that she had only bought that to spank me with as she said that spanking me with her hand always hurt her hand as much as my bottom hurt and that was not the was spankings were meant to be.  I quickly took a big breath and ate the sprouts without breathing.  when she came back i said, there auntie, i ate my sprouts as you wanted.  she smiled and told me what a good boy I was.  i took my plates to the kitchen as she put whipped cream on the pie that had been covered on the table.  i came in just as she was cutting me a big pieie.  oh boy, i said, Chocolate cream pie,  you remembered my favorite dessert.  yes she said, i thought you would like it.  .like it, i love it i said.  after we had put the food away and cleaned up the dishes we went into the living room to discuss the weekend ahead of us.
       Aunt Susan had always been my favorite aunt.  she was only 10 years older than me and  and we had had fun when she baby sat or came by to visit.  she like to play the popular board games and it was a blast.  one time when mom went out while she was visiting she told her that I had been having a hard day and that if i acted up at all she had permission to put me over her knee and spank my bare bottom good and hard.  I had blushed and looked at her.  she smiled and winked and said to me you better behave.  I have always wanted to spank a boy and now i got permission to do it , so behave so i don't have too. well, i was not having a good day for in the next 2 hours while mom was away found myself over her lap getting spanked 3 times.  when mom came home  i begged her not to tell mom.  just say that everything was great.  mom came in.  I saw Auntie smile and i immediately yelled,  don't listen to her, she;s lieing.  my mom looked at me and said she hasn't said anything.  Susan what happened.  She said that i misbehaved and that she had had to give me a spanking to get my attention back.  Well if Susan had to spank you i will also.  come here.  she sat down, auntie sat down at the table across from where mom had set the chair;   she pulled down my pants and underpants and really spanked me hard and long.  i was crying and kicking when mom stopped.  she told Auntie to hand here the small cutting board on the counter.  she did and the next thing i knew i was being paddled for the first time in my life.  hand spankings had always been the rule and they hurt a lot.  this cutting board paddle felt like she was heating my but with a flat iron;  I creamed and begged,  i asked Auntie to please make her stop.  she did stop a few minutes later. mom stood me up and told me to apologize for  making her spank me and then told me to kiss her goodnight and mom also and go to the bedroom and get into my pajamas as i was through getting into trouble for the day.  As i was leaving the kitchen i heard Auntie say, that that was the first real spanking that she had seen since gramma spanked their brother with a hairbrush when he was about 17 years old.  they both chuckled and said it sure put him in his place to have both of us watch him get it.. at that point I knew that all they would talk about would be me getting spanked so i hid out in my room and when mom came to tell me supper was ready i had fallen asleep.  later Auntie came in with a sandwich mom had made and asked her to bring to me. she gave me the sandwich and she said that she was sorry she had told mom that she had spanked me.. i thanked her and said it would have been far worse if you had said that you had spanked me three times although i didn't see how anything could have bee worse than that bread board spanking.  She said that from now on when she had to spank me it would be just between she and I and that she would not tell mom.  usually after that when Auntie was in charge i would get a spanking sometime. when mom would ask how things went she would say everything was fine.
        when she moved to the big city i didn;t get to see her as often but a couple of times a year she would have me come spend a weekend.  her spankings were hard but usually with her hand and i would act that it hurt a lot more than it did.  one time though i broke her favorite vase throwing pillows for something to do.  when she came in the door i was i didn;t great her with did you find what you were looking for, or did you have a good time.  instead i looked sad and got her kitchen chair and pulled it out and turned it around.  un did my pants and under shorts and pushed them down to my ankles.  she looked at me and started to laugh., then she saw the vase and pillow on the floor where they fell,  oh boy are you in for it now.  stay right there mister.  she went to the kitchen drawers. took out spoons and smacked her thigh, said nope, then she went to where the decorative wood spoon and fork were on the wall.  took the spoon and said,  yup that will do it..  She said as she sat and smoothed her skirt, at least you didn't lie  or try to hide what you did, but you have been spanked before for throwing pillows and balls in the house before.  this is going to be a spanking to remember.  so keep still as this spoon is big and i wouldn't want to hit a kidney or something.  well i did my best but that spoon hurt so much and she spanked for what seemed an hour (actually it was about five minutes by the clock) when she let me up she said to go to the corner by the door and think about why i had been spanked,  i will question you to see if you have learned anything in about 15 minutes.  if it has taught you a lesson then it will be forgiven and the slate cleaned.  if not , you will probably get more spanking so think hard about how your future behavior is going to be like. when she asked me to come to her i went, still pants down and stood in front of her.  she had the spoon in her hand and she asked what i had learned.  i told her that throwing things in the apartment is not allowed, that i will never do it again. i talked about improving my total behavior and she smiled.  ok, she said that she thought i learned my lesson.  stood up and gave me a long hug and warned that i had better keep those as promises because she would spank longer and harder if i ever did it again.  i coudln't believe i said than you.  she told me to pull up my pants and that she would start dinner.  that was a weekend to remember,
       getting back to present time. we went into the living room, she sat at the end of the couch and i sat in an arm chair facing her.  i noiced how young she still ollked and watched as she crossed her legs.  that coused her to look at me and say.  why are yo looking at my lap.  well i was embarrassed and i blurted out that i was remembering how you used to put me over your lap and spank me.  then i chuckled and said.  you were a real easy spankier and i could act to make you stop quickly.  i sudden y saw her look become stern.  well as you are going to be here for a few days maybe i will correct that and spank you good an hard.  i think you remember the spoon spanking i gave you.  i had to admit that I did and that that ahad been a real hard spanking. and the other times i used the spoon,  sometimes i said they were more real than oh-thers.  well she said. i got a present from gramma just last week.  she got up and wlaked to the kitchen draw where she kept odd and ends.  she reached in and took out this large black hair brush.  whe said that gramma gave it to me and said it was a family heirloom.  i told her i remembered when she spanked mybrother with it.  whe said that yes it was the one and that i should give it to you to give to your mom. so you think i am not a good spanker, and you were willful at dinner tonight so i guess i am going to show you how a good old fashioned hair brush spanking is done. I told her i was just kidding.  that she always gave me spankings that i remembered.  she looked and i cluld see the steam rising from her neck. she walked to the kitchen, picked up a Kitchen chair, turned it and set down, smoothed her skirt. and pointed at her lap and said get over here,  Pants and underwear down she then placed mw over her knees.  she spanked about 40 fast hand spanks ...wow,  i didn;t remember her spanking that hard with her hand.  then she had me stand, told me to stand in front of here. pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs, told me to step in beteween her thighs and lay over hir left thigh.  i di, she clamped her right leg over my legs and held me firmly in place.  now let me have your hands up on your back.  etend your thumbs.   i did,  she gripped them in her left hand and wrested her arm along my back over my sholder.  it was like  handcuffs,  i couldn't move my hands if i needed too.  she said.  please feel free to beg all you want, i am not going to stop until your butt is black and blue and red with white blisters.  then she started. slow at first,  each spank searing the dkin all the way down to the bone.  after a few minutes she increased the tempo.  i was howling like an old blood hound.  begging  crying. but to no avail.  finally she started full arm swings as fast as she could.  i was beyond pain;;  my eyes were closed tight..  i was sobbing like a three year old. i couldn;t move at all.  i noticed she had stopped.  i opened my teary eyes and looked over my sholder at her.  are you paying attention now?  yes Auntie I stammered.  Do you still think I am a lousy spanker.  no Auntie a I said. ok, fifty more and i will let you up. then it started again 50 hard fast smacks  the tear fell freely and i gasped.  it had stopped.  she un clenched my hands and my legs. swun her leg back so i could move my legw.  ok, carefully try to get up/  I couldn;t do it.  Ok, she pused me gently off her lap and ontot he floor.  i lay there for a bit as she looked down at me..Wow,m she smiled at me,  youlook just like my brother after mymom spanked him with this brush.  she o=got up and said ok let me helop you up.  it was a struggle but i made it.  she told me to give her a hug and to say i was sorry for being stron willed at dinner. she said down;t rub now as i am ging to get some lotion to put on your bottom.  go stand in the con-rner and i will be right back.  i hobble over with pants and wnderware still around my ankles.  i a minute she was back.  she moved the chair over and told me to get over her lap agianl.. i started crying and told her PLease Auntie,  I have had more than enough.  she said it was to rub in the lotion. oh,  i crawled back over her lap..  she gently rubbed n the liotion , if-t felt good but the burning did not even start to go away.  she had me stand in the connor again and when a half hour was over she called me to her again. she was seated on the straight back chair and had that hair brush in her hand again.  NO please.  no more.  she said that she was just going to question  me to see if the lesson was learned.  i hobbled over.  she asked me if i was going to be strong willed especially after someone had gone to the trouble of cooking a nutritious meal.  i said, no auntie , never again , that's good she said,  is your auntie and easy spanker who just lets you off because you act like it hurts.  no auntie.  i will never say that again.  she stood. pulled down her skirt, walked to the drawer and put the hairbrush away, came up and hugged me tight and said   now you know what a real hairbrush spanking is like.  i agreed and hugged back.  she told me to go get my pajamas on and that we can watch some tv together as a couple of our favorite quiz shows were coming on.   when i came back in with my pajama on she had changed and was in a bathrobe that clung very nicely to her on the couch.  i couldln't help but notice how nice her lap looked when she was sort of half layin or half sitting.  she noticed.  she said i guess you will still want to be spanked over my knee in the future as well.  I blushed and said,  Yes Auntie i am sure I will.  but please only use the hairbrush for extreme conditions.  she said,  we will see,  we will see.