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Sunday, July 7, 2013

granmom stops at mom's

I awoke the next morning. dreams all night of spankings from granmom and mom through the years and also Jennifer. (the girl I had dated with some and had gone to my senior prom with me.  Yes, she was the one who offered my mom a hairbrush to use on me right in the bar when I started to argue with mom about why I was in trouble.   Last night before going top bed i had fantasized about being across Jennifer's knee and had had to go to the bathroom to relieve myself in more ways than just urinating.  Mom had yelled up to find out why I was out of bed and I had told her I needed to go to the bath room.  Anyhow the dream of being over Jennifer's knee had come a few times during the night and the condition of the sheets indicated I had cum also a few times.  I sat up on the edge of the bed and realized that I had really had a very thorough spanking by mom the night before.  I yelled to mom,  where are my clothes and she reminded me that because I could not be trusted, I was to remain naked until granmom arrived to set up my new study program for next semester.  I knew that that meant I would be spanked again after she arrived by granmom for not telling her I was on warning again at the end of the last semester.  Granmom was paying for my college and also my room and board at the college, which was a very prestigious  university where she and granpa had graduated from and also she had been on the board of directors for many years and was friends with all the deans  and university higher officers.in my first year i had been on warning also so granmom had me come each week for maintenance spankings and more to help me get my grades up.  it had been a painful lesson but it had worked as i passed on the deans list my freshman year.  this year however I had a new phoney I D card and I had slipped back to party and why study attitude as the partying had become the important thing for me.  when I got the final warning granmom was just leaving to go to Europe on vacation and I had just come by to wish her fun and also to pick up a few things before heading home for the summer.  She asked how I did and I told her no problems at all.(I knew if she found out I would be in serious trouble but in a few minutes she would be on her way to Europe and I would be off to a party filled summer, so I figured what ever happened would be worth it).  Well when granmom arrived at her hotel in France, she called her best friend (the dean of students to say she arrived safely).  She also asked how I had done as she had been so busy with her vacation plans.  The dean told her  I was on warning again.  I guess she yelled so loud that if I had been listening I would have heard her while I was walking into the sports bar where a bunch of friends  and I were meeting to get the summer kicked off right.  Granmom immediately called mom and asked to talk to me.   Mom said I had gone out with my friends and that she had wished me a good time because I had told her I had done well at school also.  Granmom said she would be coming home immediately  and that mom should restrict me to home.  My mom wanted to know what happened.  Granmom told her I was a liar and I need very strict punishment and a new plan set up for the next semester. She would be on the next red eye flight and would be to mom's house as soon as possible the next day.  She would call  again when she knew the exact plans.  Thus mom showed up at the bar and dragged me out smacking my bottom all the way home as described in the previous part of this story.
            Mom called up stairs and said that breakfast was ready and to come on down,  She told me to have a seat, which I did very gently and she laid out french toast and fried ham.  Real maple syrup made it even better.  After breakfast I took the dishes and washed them.  "Well" mom said, that is a pleasant surprise.  Seems you are on your best behavior today".  She added that she had better rub in some more skin cream as my bottom was still red and some small blisters though the black and blue had faded very well.  She took a bottle and pulled a chair out from the table and started to apply a thick coat to rub into my bottom on her hands.  She told me to get over her lap so she could get a thick coat on to sink in.   As she started there was a knock on the kiitchen door.  Mom said, "Come on in, it's open".  Jennifer walked in and stopped immediately as she took in the scene of me, naked, across my mom's knees.  She grinned as I looked back, blushing in my cheeks as red as my bottom was.  " Oh, I can come back later if you are busy," Jennifer said.
Mom said that she just wanted to talk to her for a couple of minutes and that rubbing in the body cream will just take a minute or so.  Mom rubbed and massaged my backside as Jennifer watched,  I hid my face in my hands I was so mortified.  "All right", mom said as she gave me a quick spank, "get to the corner and stay there while I talk with Jennifer for a minute".  I got up and ran the few steps to the corner.  there was a mirror on the wall beside the corner where mom checked to be sure she looked ok when she went out and I could still see Jennifer smiling and looking at me.  Mom was still sitting on the chair and she crossed her legs and they chatted for a couple of minutes.  Then mom added, "granmom had canceled her vacation to prepare things at college for me for the next term.  She will fill you in more when she gets back here, probably afternoon.  it involves a very great chance for you to change from the college you are now in to where tommy goes".  I saw Jennifers eyes go back to mom when she said that.  She added "I talked with your mom and you are an excellent student and granmom will pay expenses, well, we will let her tell you about that this afternoon".  I think granmom will be settled by around 2PM if you can come by then.  Jennifer got up and told mom, "Yes I will be there. thanks for the offer.  See you this afternoon Tommy "she said as she left.  Mom told me,  go upstairs and take a shower.  Granmom will be here around noon.  We will have lunch and granmom can refresh herself  before we sit and discuss your punishment for disrespecting us and also your school.. granmom will be here in about an hour.  so shower, dry off and come down and i will apply more skin cream to your bottom".  I hurried upstairs and quickly took a shower.  my but the towel hurt my bottom when I was drying.  I don't even want to think what that haitbrush will feel like..  I finished drying and when I came downstairs mom was sitting on the chair in the kitchen again.  I went over again and she applied the skin cream again.  She had me stand in the conrner until it soaked in and then told me to watch out the front  for granmoms cab.  It wasn't long, about 5 minutes.  I saw the cab driver (female) get out and open the door for her.  She got out and looked at the house with her hands on her hips and her foot tapping the sidewalk.  I could almost see steam coming out of her ears she was so mad.  the driver opened the trunk and started to get the bags out but grammom told her to just stand by.  she stomped up the side walk, I opened the door.  She took a look at me and an evil grin came on her face.  ok naughty boy, come with me to get my bags.  "But Granmom,  I don't have any clothes." I cryed. .  Granmom said,  "you would if you had been a good boy, but as it is you suffer the consequences.  She grabbed me by the ear and marched me out to the cab.  The driver was laughing out loud when she saw us coming.  I was crouched as low as my ear would let me which left my bottom exposed for granmom to spank as we walked. The driver stood by and I got her bags out of the trunk and holding them in front of me I looked at granmom.  O k, you can take them in, I will pay the driver and be right in.  the driver said , "now that is what I call a real spank bottom he is showing while walking away.". Granmom said, "it is nothing compared to what it will be tonight". then granmom followed me into the house.  Mom told me to take granmoms bags to the guest room and then for me to go to my room and think about how naughty I was and how sorry I was going to be when granmom was through with me later this afternoon.  I hurried up stairs and did as I was told.  I heard granmom come up stair and shortly I heard the shower in the bathroom come on.    I rolled over on my stomach and tried to wish myself far away from where I am right now. Yes, let's see.  How about Paris. I am  going into my hotel.  It is beautiful,  the phone rings and I am forced to cancel my vacation and go home at once.  Wow, is granmom mad and worst of all she has a right to be.  I hear granmom going down stairs now and I know I will soon be called to task.  I hear the doorbell ring and then I hear granmom say, "Oh, you must be Jennifer.  It is nice to meet you please come in.  We are in the kitchen for now and I am about to call Tommy down for another chat as I like to call them".  I heard Jennifer say something but I wasn't sure what she said.  I heard someone coming up stairs,  I looked and Jennifer was in the door and she told me granmom had asked her to tell me that my presence was  needed in the kitchen.. she wanted me to escort you down.  When she came into the room I had covered myself with my hands and started to roll over.,  Jennifer slapped my bare backside hard and I yelped,  She said, " now, and none of that false modesty.   I have already seen you over your moms lap and the hurried walk to the corner left nothing on you I haven't seen before. now you will walk in front of me or I will grab your ear and lead you.  I gulped, "Jennifer, what has come over you.  I thought we were friends and hoped to have a romantic interest in you". Well it seems now that I am in the employment of your granmom.  We will tell you more at our chat" she said.  "Our chat,  your are going to be chatting at me also, I worried". " Actually your punishment will be given by your granmom. I am here to see how  long and hard she spanks you.  I could see your mom did a real good spanking the night last  night when she applied skin cream this morning.  Come on.  we don't want to keep them waiting," she said as she hurried me down the stairs.
          As we entered the kitchen, granmom was standing by the sink  with a face cloth and a bar of soap in a glass of water,  A chair was near the sink and facing the kitchen table.  Granmom's very large ebony hairbrush was resting on the chair.  Mom was at the table facing toward the sink and chair and Jennifer took he seat on the other end of the table also facing the sink and the chair...Grandmom picked up the glass and dunked the soap up and down to get it slippery and gooey.  She looked at me and asked, what do I do when a naughty boy lies or uses fowl language"?.  I hung my head and dropped my eyes to the floor and said "you wash his mouth out with soap to clean the lies away and you use the soapy wash cloth to clean out the dirty words".  "Yes", Granmom said, "now come here and stand beside me facing your mom and Jennifer and I will clean that mouth out real well.  Open your mouth please,"