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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

one of my favorite old drawings

I did this drawing many years ago and I just finished it up about 2 weeks ago.  I absolutely fell in love with the model.   To me the skirt is so sexy with the button up side and the very professional high collar shirt.  I regret that when I started drawing this I was still mainly interested in how the lady looked and quite lax on drawing guys.  I really thought about erasing him out and redrawing him but then I so loved drawing this that to change the original seemed not right somehow.. I am not writing a whole story on this one as it would follow in on the last three stories that I have written.  Sometimes I just can't get out of a mood when writing.  I can picture how this skirt will fall on her lap when she sits.  Poor tommy must have done something really bad for her to decide that the groundings and such just have not worked,  He knew that she had been reading books on discipline for older teens that revert to childish problems.  Tommy thought that being 18 meant that he was a full grown man and no longer would he be receiving such childish punishments any more.  today however he and his best friend started harassing one of the geeks in school.  Finally they knocked him down and  took the little money he had.  Unfortunately the lunch room monitor witnessed it all.  Tommy and his friend were both  suspended.  Your mom had to leave work to take you home. When you walked into the living room following you mom, she had chewed you out for the whole 1/2 hour it took to get home.  Once in the house she looked at you and said, " Ok,  you are acting like a 12 year old again . bullying another student at school.  suspended for the week, well that's the last straw.  you take off your pants and underwear and wait right there".  She pulled the chair from her writing desk out and turned it to the middle of the room.  She went into the bathroom and got her old hairbrush and came back. Your pants were around your your ankles and your underwear were down to your knees.  You also had the start of an arousal.  Your mom said, "Well some things never change..  get the pants and underwear completely off,  I had a problem getting them over my sneakers. so she told me to remove those also and then come stand beside me.  I managed to get them off and then the pants and underwear.  Now naked from the waste down.  A very hard arousal pointing at my mother,  I watched her sit down, smooth down her skirt, wiggle around a little to loosen the material so she would be more comfortable while attending to the chore at hand.  she beckoned me over to her.  I went and stood beside her.  she picked up the brush and slapped her hand lightly with it.  She looked at my arousal.  Shook her head and told me to get over her lap.  She quickly adjusted me to where my bottom was right in front of her.   Stomach on her left thigh and thighs on her right thigh.  My arousal resting on the fabric between..  She reviewed why I was in the position that I was in.  She told me that as of now she was going to keep close track of my behavior and that spankings were going to be my punishment again  as I was suspended for the week I would be spanked every day when she got home from work and that I would have chores to do to keep me busy while she was a work.  She would call an check to be sure I was doing what I was supposed to do.  "Did i understand."?  I said "yeah".  She gave me a swat that was so hard I screamed,, ow.  "I asked if you understood and you gave me an attitude..  so do you understand." Mom said?   "Yes",  I said,.  Another very hard spank.  Mom said, "You will call me mother when I am spanking you.  do you understand?"  "Yes Mother",  I yelped.  All right,  lets get down to business" She said. The brush fell  hard and fast for a couple of minutes.  I was hoping it was over.  Instead she started very hard spanks,  each stoke just overlapping the preceding one.  I was crying,  begging.  I really needed her to stop.  After around 40 smacks she said, "ok, now comes the real spanking,"  and the spanks came hard and fast again  moving continually all over my bottom.  I realized this was going to go on forever if I didn't stop fighting her   I laid still.  She said. " it appears that the lesson is going well.   Twenty more slow and hard should do the trick". and then she told me to go and stand in the corner . After a half an hour she called me to the kitchen.  we discussed the problem of the day.  She assured me that spankings would be a nightly procedure for this week.  I was grounded and not to leave the house at all. She also said, "spankings were back and any time that I caused a problem at school or home she would be glad to give me more.  Now I want you to write about what happened at school.  How you inconvenienced me and how you understand the reason for returning to spanking as a punishment for you.  I will read and grade it every night starting tomorrow, you will write it in between chores and if I don't think you have learned the lesson from the night before we will continue your daily spankings even after you return to school.  I recommend you give it alot of thought when writing.  You can start writing now at the desk and at nine o'clock you will kiss me and go to bed.  I don't like having to spank you again but I do love you and will continue to spank you as long as you need it."
I set gently on the hard chair and began to write.  every once in a while, checking to see if mom was really watching to see that I was doing as I was told.  Yes she was. 

Well their I go again.  when I see this drawing the story just has to go with it.  hope you enjoyed it.   Please feel free to comment.


  1. Lets face it, in most of these scenes we are looking at the Lady anyway, and in this case, I agree I find her very sexy!

  2. It must be unfortunate to have a sexy mom if she's going to spank you with your pants down. It's humiliating enough but to have your hard-on bobbing right in her face is extraordinarily shameful.
    Not to mention repeating the punishment every night for a week! Wow...

  3. Very sexy, wish I was heading over her lap!
    Thanks, well done.