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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the next day at school

"Tommy, you have been taking way to long this morning.  You need to hurry up or you will be late for school and you don't want that to happen after yesterdays stupidity on your part.  Also I need to apply lotion again this morning.  that was a very hard spanking I gave you last night," Mom yelled up the stairs to me.  "I'm hurrying, mom, I will be there in just a minute, I am combing my hair." I called back and I hurried down the stairs.  Breakfast smelled good this morning, hash brown potato, a ham slice and eggs with toast and jam.  "Hurry and eat she said and then I will apply lotion before you leave for school," mom said.  I ate fast, quickly rewashed my hands and wiped my face.  Mom cane back into the kitchen carrying jar of body creme and she pulled out a chair, sat down and called me to her.  "take them down and over you go", she said.  I pulled down my pants and underwear and laid over her lap.  She rubbed body lotion into my still sore and hot bottom from last night.   Then with a couple of swift and light slaps she said, "All right, get off to school," she told me.  "I have to meet with the principal later this morning . I know that you have never been in trouble at school and a few weeks before graduation is not a good time to start getting in trouble.  You listen to the principal, don't argue, just accept whatever punishment she decides for you."  Yes Mom "you said as you hurried out the door.
        I met Jimmy and Dave down the street from my house.  They were upset.  "Why isn't that skip day rule written down some place where we could see it". We all agreed, we hadn't wanted to cause trouble but  we only had heard that skip day was the right of a senior that would graduate this year,.  We decided that yesterday was the right day for us as the amusement park was still open and there would be hardly anyone around.  we were correct on that point.  we had a great day.  Later we found out that we were missing persons and the police were looking for us.  After a long time at the police station while paperwork was cleared our parents took us home.  Jimmy and Dave were upset because they said it wasn't our fault.  They both were grounded for a month and then the parents would review there behavior and decide  if more punishment was needed.  This morning all three of us had to meet with the principal and find out what she had in mind as punishment for us.
    We got into our homeroom and our teacher told us that after attendance was taken we were to go directly to the principals office.  We did as we were told.  We walked into the principals front office and the secretary and clerks all looked at us when we came in.  "Please sit over there" the secretary said.  Some of the clerks were smiling at me mainly.  WE sat down and found that the floor in front of us was very interesting as we all stared hard at it. In a few minutes the Principal came out and said, "send David and James in.  Please keep Thomas waiting there for me".  The guys  looked at me as they got up and went into the office.  I started to figit as my bottom was still sore and it was difficult to sit on a hard wooden chair.  I looked up and saw one of the clerks ( the clerks are all high school students who are majoring in business, they get credit as staff assistants that they can put on their resume's which looks good to business schools that they will apply to) grinning at me.  The others started to snicker as well.  Finally one said  "Tommy's going to get spanked" and they all broke down laughing.  I asked,"What?" in disbelief.  The secretary told them to control themselves, " You know that school discipline is private and does not get spoken about outside of this office."  Yes Ma'am" they all said and returned to their work..  however they still glanced at me and smiled.  After 10 minutes had passed Jimmy and Dave came out and walked past me without even looking at me. they went back to classes.
         Ms. Scanlon the principal came out and said, Tell Thomas that I am ready to talk with him now.  Please get his file and bring it in as we are going to chat about portions of his file.  Ms Clancy got up and opened a cabinet and started looking thru it.  Finally she said to Patty, "where did you put Thomas's file."  I left it on top of the cabinet as I knew you would be looking for it after I put in Ms. Scanlons updates to it, Patty said with a slight grin.. Thank you said Ms Clancy and she looked at me and said follow me.  I rose and went with her.  When we entered Ms Scanlon was seated at the edge of her desk in front of a chair. another chair was moved to her side.   Ms Clancy went to the chair and sat with the file in her hand.  Ms Scanlon said for me to be seated.  She saw me wince as I sat down.  Why are all the student chairs in a principals office hard wood without padding?  Ms Scanlon smiled knowingly at me.  "Well I see your mom is really serious about your discipline permission  form in your file.  You are sitting like a very well spanked boy.  i have spanked quite a few in my time but not for many years now.  Ms Clancy will you please read the date the form was signed and what the form calls for in the way of discipline."
         Ms Clancy crossed her legs and opened the file.  The page she wanted was right on top with a new page stapled to it.  Ms  Clancy started reading. Your Mom filled this out 12 years ago as you were entering first grade.  Every year the schools have asked her to update the form but she has stated time and again that the original form is still the preferred punishment.  She read from the form, "If Thomas misbehaves the punishment that works best for him is to spank him long and hard with a large hairbrush, over your knee, and on his bare backside and upper thighs.  This is how he has always been punished at home  and I wish it to be continued at school if he ever needs one.  The discipline works real well at home and as i have said, he will probably never need to be spanked at school but if it is necessary i would prefer it be carried out by the principal at the first available moment.''  With that Ms Clancy Handed the form to Ms Scanlon.  Ms Scanlon said that she had called my mom to verify that the form was correct.  Ms Scanlon said, " I see by the way you sat down that your mom has already spanked you at home."  I nodded that she had.  Well the first opportune moment will be this afternoon after lunch,   the school no longer has a decent hairbrush to give a spanking with.  Your mom specifies a large wooden hair brush.  I asked the girls and Ms Clancy if they had a hairbrush with them, They all did but none are what the form calls for.  I called your mom and she is going to bring her hairbrush in for me to use.  She said that she would drop it off at lunch time so after lunch you have a study period, so you will report here for your spanking.  Your mom will not be able to stay for your spanking but says she will also give you another tonight as if you get spanked at school you also getit at home, so after I am done I will give the brush to you in a bag for you to give back to your mom at home.  It certainly has been a long time since I have given a spanking but I am sure that I remember how and will give you one that will pass your mom's inspection when i get home.  Ms Clancy will have to witness your spanking from the doorway to meet the old rules on corporal punishment must be witnessed by an observer."
"Please", I begged, "If she stands in the doorway the girls working as clerks will hear me being spanked".  "Well,"  Ms Scanlon considered,  "I am sure they will hear anyhow, but it would be more private if she came in to witness it.  Ms Clancy, can you get the girls to cover the phones while I take care of the business after lunch?"  "Yes, I am sure one of the girls will be glad to cover the phones as they are doing now," Ms Clancy said with a slight smile.  "All right, I guess that concludes our business until after lunch.  Thomas , You will be here in the office no later than five minutes past one.  I will then talk about what has brought you to this discipline session and then it will be carried out.  Ms Clancy will witness to keep with the rules of corporal discipline. See you at one oh five, Thomas.,  enjoy your lunch" Ms Scanlon said. 
     Here Ends Part One

Part Two will be on before the end of today.


  1. OOOOOHHHHH! Not fair! The others didn't get spanked at home (or at school, apparently) and Tommy will get three!

    Can't hardly wait... ;-)

  2. Amazing and love the drawing, the slip showing, the arousal. Terrific.

  3. great story and drawing, Tommy. Keep up the good work.

    (Like all the other men reading this story, I want to be Tommy in your story.)