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Sunday, April 29, 2012

When you need a spanking, just ask me.


  1. still tied up on renovations. progress is being made. again i am posting one of my drawings with a good caption to keep the blog active. hopw you enjoy it.

  2. Over the lap of ladies who know how to deal with all the naughty feeling and thoughts that make up a male. Life lessons are part of living.

  3. tommy,
    Your drawings are GREAT and the story/captions make them even better!


  4. Tommy

    Just amazing drawing, very well done and realistic, awesome, thanks

  5. you seem to capture the essence of a DD session the women are not pretty young models but the woman you could bump into in the street and as such so much more attainable and maybe realise our fantasy of a FLR with all the OTK you could(or rather didnt) want

  6. My favorite fantasy caught with my spanking stash and soundly spanked by someone like her. I am afraid if I had a wife like her I would make sure I got into trouble all the time