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Monday, December 31, 2012

Preventative Maintinance Spanking

Yes, I had been looking forward to tonight.  a night out with the guys.   Bowling,  a few drinks, then we will retire to our bachelor friends pad for some serious poker.  what a great night this is going to be.
       When I got home my bride was still not home from some shopping she was doing.  I realized I had forgotten to tell her the guys and I were going out because i was involved with a problem at work.  i had solved the problem and my boss was so pleased he let me go a little early today,  so i stopped at the bank, got some cash, stopped at the grocery and picked up a lot of  good beer and snack chips.  I went up and took a quick shower and got into some comfortable jeans and a shirt.  I could smell something delicious cooking and i yelled down stairs.."Hi Honey,  something smells really great.  I will be down in a minute."  I was so happy I was actually whistling a tune while i combed my hair  and then started down stairs for supper.
         My bride was in the kitchen makings burgers with home fried potatoes with fried onions and some gravy,  it smelled really great.  she was still dressed in her suit she wore to work but had taken the jacket off and left her purse on the table.  I came in.  gave her a peck on the cheek and told her how much i loved her.... "By the way,  i am going out with the guys tonight so i will be going out shortly after the supper dishes are done," I said.  "Oh," she said, looking at me with one eyebrow raised.  That usually meant that she was surprised or sometimes getting perturbed.  I figured she was surprised as I had forgotten to tell her about the plans the guys and I had made last night on the phone.  "Oh yes,  I forgot to tell you,  we are meeting at the bowling alley at seven pm so we can bowl a few games before the leagues take over the alleys for the night.  We will probably stay for a few beers and then go to tony's to watch some tv.. there is a big game on tonight so I will probably be late getting home tonight, I said"..  "AH,  I see," she said,  "that explains why there is a thousand dollars missing from our account.  I was going to ask you about that as I stopped at the a t m to get some cash on my way home.  So this going to tony's afterwards is about going to watch a game?  it wouldn't be about you guys getting up a card game like you did a couple of months ago.  What was it,  Oh yes,  you lost 2000 dollars to your friends.  That wouldn't be the reason why you needed a thousand dollars would it be?  If the game goes like the last one, you didn't get enough money.  "Well?  Did you really forget to tell me about going out or were you just building up a fantastic lie that you hoped you would not be caught at?   You remember what happened after that last game don't you?  You promised that you would not play poker with them again didn't you?  You might as well spill it all as you are already showing how little memory you have."
         She was now standing in front of me with her hands on her hips, a furious look on her face. and the dinner taken of the stove.  "Honey,  I really mean it.  I had forgotten to mention it to you as I said.  The plan was just bowling and then the game but when I called tony to tell him abut the trouble I found and what a great day I was having at work, he suggested that seeing my luck had changed maybe we should play cards tonight.  I was just so happy the way the day was going I picked up the money for cards on the way home.  I am sorry, I really won't play cards and I will return the money in the night deposit tonight  if I can still go out with the boys.  Please Honey,  I had to cancel the going out last month as Iwas still getting weekly spankings for that last game.  I really need to show up tonight or they will be suspicious that I am not allowed to do anything.  I will tell them that I gave you the money because you needed to go shopping and after bowling I will come straight home.  I will make an excuse they will believe.  Please Honey.  I will be embarrassed if I can't go tonight...       
          "All right,  I will think about this while we eat.  You need to be thinking about why I am so angry at you.  I understand the male need for independence in appearance anyways, but you have really screwed up.  I will allow that you were not thinking right.  after all you do that a lot.  now lets eat," she said.
           We ate in silence.  She kept looking at me .  Sometimes anger,  sometimes thoughtfulness crossed her face.  After dinner she said that she had made up her mind.  "she told me to do the dishes and that she would take the money and return it to the account in the morning.  no money in your pocket will make it easier for you to skip the card game".  With that she took her chair and placed it in the center of the kitchen.  That was not a good sign.  That is where most of the discipline spankings I get take place.  I started the dishes. She left and went upstairs.  She came back almost immediately with her big hairbrush that she had bought especially for spanking me with.  She sat on the chair and watched me wash and dry the dishes..  As I put the last one away she told me to come stand in front of her.
             It appears that you are having trouble remembering to tell me things that you plan that may effect me as well.  I am going to give you a good spanking now before I let you go out tonight.  "Please pull your pants down and lower your underwear  to bare your bottom".  I blushed but did not dare to question her reasoning.  I was used to spankings from her as my mother had suggested and shown her how to spank me when we first got married and I started screwing up.  However this was unusual.  I was going to be allowed to go out with the guys but no card game.  Well at least I would look like I could where I wanted and when. I would tell the boys my wife wanted me home early tonight because she was horney or something.  That would work.
       She said,  "I have decided that you probably need some incentive to help you remember to tell me things you plan to do so that I will not be surprised when you spring something on me.  If you make plans and don't tell me ahead of times you will get a preventative maintenance spanking to help you remember the next time".

She then uncrossed her legs,  smoothed her skirt and invited me to assume the naughty boy position that I know so well.  Her thighs support my weight with her left thigh at my somach and her right thigh midway down my thighs.. her legs are spread slightly so that I receive no stimulus in the penis area.  It just hangs between her thighs.  She had me place both hands on my back and held both thumbs in her left hand.  that makes almost like chinese handcuffs and you cannot move either hand.  She rubbed and patted the brush against my cheeks and I tried to push down on her thighs to get away from it.  She patted a few more times and said that i was wrong to even think about taking money from our account to play card, especially as she had only stopped last week with the spankings I got for that game.  Then she sighed and said," I think this may work as a reminder to let me know your plans.  I will spank you this way every time you forget or are only half truthful in your plans."  with that I felt het stop patting my back side.  I felt her shift slightly and then there was an explosion of sound and pain as the brush stung my right cheek.  I tried to push away but she had me firmly in place .  the stirred again and the left cheek started to burn.  I yelped. then the spanks started falling about 1 per second,  I was starting to wiggle about.  I felt two more smacks on my thighs.  I yelped and begged her to please stop.  "Ha, I have just gotten started.  buckle down,  this spanking will not be long but it will be efficient", she said.   That brush kept smacking and I was really dancing on her lap.  More smack to the thighs and I tried laying still again.  a few more smacks and I was dancing again.; more on the thighs..  I was really begging for it to stop now.  she paused.  "Are you learning your lesson?  Will you remember to tell me your plans in the future?  Will you never play cards with the money in our account.  If you can save some on your own then you can play but you had better never lose more than you have on you.  When I finish this spanking you will be allowed to go out but you will be home right after bowling.  If you are not home by nine thiry this evening I will assume you have forgotten and I will give more preventive maintinamce reminder spankings every night until I am sure you can remember.  We will also start the weekly maintenance spankings every sunday evening again so the night after tomorrow you will get the first..  now I am going to end tonights spanking with fifty hard fast spanks that will include your thighs also.  Hold tight and try not to move."  All hell broke out then and for about 30 seconds I was exhaling only as each smack lit another hellfire. Then it was over.  I was crying,  tears were streaking my face.  I laid there for a few minutes trying to control myself enough to get up.   Finally she helped me up.  "Stand there," she said.  she went to a cabinet and got some skin cream.  She had me go back over and rubbed it in.  I thanked her for the time she spent correcting me and also for the skin cream.  I knew from experience, no cream and blisters and such would crack and be more painful.  "All right, she said.  pull them back up,  go wash your face and comb your hair,  You look like a naughty little boy who just got a good spanking.  you need to get control of your self so you will not embarrass yourself with your friend.  Try not to squirm to much trying to sit on those hard seats at the bowling alley.  I will see you by nine thirty or I will call your mom and your sister to come and assist me while we impress how important you letting me know your plans are.  When you are ready to leave come kiss me and  I will check that you are presentable."

           Thus started a new phase of discipline for poor Tommy. so you think he will remember or will his sister and mom have to take part in his learning experience.

This is a fake art picture I created to illustrate this story.  it is made up from parts of other pictures and over painted to disguise the original portions used.


  1. One of your best, what a great story and just an amazing picture of a sound otk brushing, love it.

  2. Wonderful work, good to see you drawing again too.