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Monday, December 3, 2012

Prep School Incentive

       Your meeting with the dean of students had not gone well.  Your first semester at this excellent college prep school and you are failing most all of the subjects.  Your mom had remortgaged  her house in order to give you a better chance at getting into a better college.  your high school marks had been slightly below average but you had still passed and graduated although at the bottom twenty percent of your class.  well, your senior year in high school is only for one year so you had laid off the studying and had partied like it was your last chance in life to have a good time.  Your memories of what had happened that ended you up at this prep school instead of one of the top colleges you had applied to were flowing through mind.
         While in high school you had applied to some of the most highly rated schools in the country.  you had written a letter with each telling them of you high grades and high standing in the class.  of course you sent them when you were a junior and the marks were very  very good.  in the top 5 percent of a class of 600.  when they looked at the applications and received the final graduation standings, the good schools all said that you did not meet their standards.  Your mom, who had never worried about your marks was so upset that she told you to go to the kitchen and that you and she were going to have a talk about your future.  you went in and sat at the table and saw all the rejection letters on the table.  all opened again.  oh oh you thought.  Your saw your mom come in to the kitchen , slapping her big hairbrush  gently against her thigh as she walked.  "I wondered why you had not been excited and happy about which college you would be going to this coming fall.  then i found the letters behind the cake dish on top of the refrigerator.  i wondered why you had hid them.  then reading rejection after rejection, i was confused.  you were always such a good student i really hadn't paid any attention to your marks in the senior year.  i saw you were busy with all the senior activities so i thought that every thing was wonderful.  now come the rejections.  i called the high school.  they siad that you are barely passing but that you will graduate but they had been so busy that they figured i already knew of the problem that you were having with your priorities.  well right now i am going to discipline you the same way i did when you were in second grade.  i think that was the last time you had any problem with marks. after i spank you we will discuss your future." she said.
         I was completely flabbergasted.  I could not believe what was about to happen.  i was sure she would just say,  see this is what could have happened but as you are now an adult and about to graduate from high school we can sit down and make some real plans on how to get you into one of the colleges you should be going to.  In stead she pulled out the chair.  set down and straightened her skirt,  picked up the hairbrush and said.  "get over here now mister.  you are going to get a real lesson now about not letting your responsibilities go,  to party and celebrate instead.  now, get over here and pull your pants and drawers down to your ankles." " Mom I said.  please don't ,  i am an adult now.".   "NO, she said , you are a naughty boy who has screwed up royally and I am going to take you to task for it.  now get over my lap.  now mister".  she got up.;  stood me up.;  Pulled down my pants and drawers, grabbed my ear. led me to the chair. she sat. pulled me down and across her lap by my ear.  she bent my right arm up on my back , raised the brush and i quickly discovered that her hairbrush stung far more than i could have ever remembered. smack after smack fell.  i started to kick and plead.  "mom.  please,  this is so embarrassing.  i am to old to be spanked,  mom  ouch.  ok that's enough  i have learned my lesson".   she replied "you  better get used to it".  she  started to spank me.  the spanking went on and on.  i begged,  yelled, pleaded, finally as hard as i tryed not to, the tears started to fall.  i choked out., "mom, i am sorry..  i should have taken care of my business and kept up my marks.  i know i screwed up royally, please stop mom.,  i really need your help to get into a good school".  with that she told me to brace myself.  she then delivered about 30 of the hardest smacks i had ever had all on the place where the bottom and thighs meet.  i screamed,  cryed out loud, and then it was over.  she let me lay there for a few minutes while she gently rubbed my bottom.  told me that she would have to get a face cloth the wash the pressure blood the brush had caused.   she had me stand.  "don't touch," she said and she got a clean wash cloth,  dosed it with anti bacterial soap  and hot water then came and sat down again.  "over you go".  i positioned myself again.  the hot cloth felt cool on my burning bottom.  the soap porbably would have burned but my bottom was so sore that it felt good and cooling.  in a minute or so she said,  there now,  you are very bright red and there are some bruises , the blood was pressure blood as there are no cuts.  she rubbed again for a minute or two and then told me to go to my room and that she would be in shortly,  i started to pull my pants up but she told me, " just remove them.  lay face down on your bed and i will be in to apply some cream on the sore bottom so it won't dry out and cause more problems".  i removed my pants and picked them up and start to head to my bedroom.  i heard her say.  you still have a very cute spank tush as i was leaving the kitchen. 
          as i entered the room.  i turned on the light.  set my pants and drawers on chair by my desk.  turned my bottom toward the mirror.  took a deep breath as i looked at my bright red bottom.  blue marks and white blisters.  i ow'd a few times just looking at it.  i heard mom coming up the stairs so i quickly laid face down on the bed.  she came in with some lotion and sat beside me on the bed. she said, " i am very disappointed in you and also myself.  i thought i didn't need to check on you as your school career had always been so good.  well now i know, i need to check on the school portion of your life.  luckily i have an uncle who can get you into that prep school that is in the middle of the state.  you will have to stay in a dormatory so you will be very much on your own.  however my uncle will keep me informed as to how your marks are going and i will call you two times a week to see how things are going".  she rubbed in the lotion.   it felt good and cool.  she said, " ok get in your jammies and i will be back in to kiss my naughty boy good night and turn off the light.,  i sincerely hope you have learned your lesson and that you will apply yourself.  if i have to go to the prep school i will bring my hairbrush and you will be spanked right in your dormatory and i don't care who is around to see it. i will make the final arrangement in the next week. next september you will start there. now in the last month of school i want you to apply your self and no more of their senior party time nonsense or you will get more of my hairbrush.,  do you understand"?  "yes mom," i said meekly as i pulled up my jammy pants very gently  i laid down on the bed.  the spanking played itself out in my mind.  oh oh. how come that is happening to me.  oh yes, naked over my moms pretty lap, her skirt riding up as the spanking continued.  the spanks,. now not as stinging in my memory.  the dancing around on her lap as the brush fell.  her calm but strict words while applying the brush.  how round her bottom was and how it moved as the spanks fell.  her breast moving across on my back as the she spanked away.  i heard her enter the room again.  she came over.  patted my bottom and let her hand rest on my bottom, " wow , that really is hot.  i guess i did a good job.  i hope you learned your lesson.  remember now any bad marks and you will find yourself across my lap getting the hairbrush again..  we will chat more about prep school as the days go by.  now you can pull the covers over you if you get cold", she patted my bottom once more and leaned over and kissed me.  "i love you, mom,: i said.  she smiled and told me she loved me also . i watched her walk from the room.  she turned off the light and gently closed the door.

original story and drawing by tommyspt.  i hope you enjoyed it.  please feel free to leave comments.   


  1. Another outstanding drawing and story. Thanks so much. Maybe in the future, he might need spanked in front of one of his lady teachers when his grades slip.

  2. Lovely evocative story... Imagine still getting the hairbrush on your bare bottom over Mom's lap at that age! I guess she really did "blister" your bottom...
    That pic is immediately going into MY "spank bank" as well as my hard drive! ;-0

  3. Amazing story and drawing, just wonderful, thanks