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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sister teaches Your new Bride.,

       Trying to hurry up the stairs with you pants and drawers around your ankles is a difficult thing to do.  After some brief, hard spanks from each of them in the kitchen, some quick cleaning up by me with my pants still down, my mom said that it was time for us all to go to the bed room for their spanking lessons to begin.  As i tripped my way up the stairs with them smacking my bottom and thoroughly enjoying my predicament, i tried to move without tripping as best I could.  when we reached the top of the stairs my sister asked my bride if the computer chair that she had set out had wheels for moving it around and she confirmed that it did.
My sister asked me to take the chair in the hallway by a telephone desk that we had upstairs into the room with us.  She told my sister that when she spanked me i bounced around so much when she spanked me that she preferrs a hard back stable chair to sit on .  I picked it up and stumbled into the room with it, and placed it in the middle of the room where my sister pointed that she wanted it.  My sister walked to the computer chair, she picked up the hairbrush, tried it one time on her thigh and then sat down on the straight chair.
             I was nervous, intimidated, and embarrassed to be naked before these ladies.  i had been before indifferant situatuions, but never before all three and for the purpose of teaching my bride how to apply a proper spanking to me.  I felt myself becoming aroused and suddenly found the carpet to be very interesting.
             My mom told my bride that to apply a good hairbrushing the important thing is to keep the hairbrush moving on his bottom.  She said that she always felt that overlapping the strokes by a half of hairbrush width and smacking it from left to right side and from top to bottom..this allows the heat to build up and never lets an area of the bottom start to cool off .from  in attention. when you reach the bottom right cheek start over again.  Of course if you are a left handed spanker then reverse the spanks to right side, left side. Kate will show you how she snaps the brush on impact to make a stronger smack.  Kate, why don' t you start it off.
       Kate  adjusted her skirt and called me to her.  I stood in front of her as the others watched,  She said, "you know that this is not allowed,":  She tapped my arousal with the brush and then told me to "get over".  I got over her lap with my stomach over her right thigh and my upper thighs  on her left.  my arousal fell between her thighs getting no stimulus at all.  she looked to Jen and said,  "I will administer the first ten slow and will show how i snap the brush at the last moment before it smacks.  you will see his reaction as each smack hits". She raised the brush and down it came.  I lifted my head up and i yelped loudly. Kate said,  "now, did you notice that reaction.  a straight on spank with no snap , he would have just laid there and pretend it didn't hurt. Now you will see each smack will get another large reaction.. the brush started falling about every two seconds". i was kicking, begging, yelping and wriggleing,  they were all acceptable,   a;t the ninth smack i lifted my hand off the floor. Kate stopped immediately.  "Hands on the floor.  If you lift them again you will get an extra 10 when i finish,  you know better than that,  Do you not'.  "Yes, I know better and i will not do it again." i said.  The tenth smack landed just as i answered.  "All right, now i am going to spank him hard and fast, using the brush about a smack a  second for  a minite and 20 seconds,  if my timing is correct that will be eighty more or a total of ninth spanks..  he will probably be a very sorry boy when i am at that point.  I will stop for about 10 seconds and then give him ten more as hard and fast as i can give them.  then we will talk again"..  I felt her shift and then the spanking started again.  the pain built and built.  i begged some more,  i did everything i could except take my hands off the floor to try and protect my bottom.  past experience had shown me that that was not a good idea no matter how much my bottom burned.  It went on for what seemed like an hour but as she had said it was just over a minute.  she paused.  i looked over at my bride and mom.  they were watching with great interest at the proceedings., then the ten quick spanks started and landed.  i was so glad part one was over.  my bottom felt like someone had run a hot iron over it.  my legs were sore from  kicking and my neck was sore from raising and lowering my head so rapidly so many times as the brush punished me.  jJn walked over with a slight smile on her face. "well,  that was very informative. "I think he looked cute kicking and whining like a five year old",. she said as she examined my red sore bottom while i still laid across kate's lap.   Kate added, that "when I stopped tonight  is the point where the spanking actually starts.  up to this point was just to get his attention, Isn't that right, Tommy"  I answered "Yes,  Ma'am".  Kate told me to get up and stand by the chair.  she stood and looked to Mom,  "Who' s next"?  "Jen" , Mom said, "lets see how much she learned about snapping the brush", .

hw]ere ends part two of Teaching Tommy's Bride to Spank.   I apologize for being so long between part 1 and part 2.   I had lots of pictures ofthe model of Kate i used.  apparently they were on a portable hard drive i had that crashed,  I spent about 3 weeks looking for other pictures of Kate and finally had to build her from other pictures to illustrate this part of the story..

this is a fake art picture created by tommyspt.  the models used are made up from several models  snipped and cut into the models that now show.  they are over painted also to make them look even more different

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment on the stories..


  1. Wow, this is a hot brushing, love it and the lap is just lovely, great one. THanks

    1. i am writing part 2 of the story and it will be on later tonight. tried earlier but had laptop problems and had to wlear out some memory to free space to continue. glad you like the fake art.

  2. GREAT Work Tommy. I can't wait for the second part of this segment.

    Thanks for your work and the willingness to share